Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Northwest Indiana Home Valuation | Bart Vickrey & Co. Real EstateYou've come to the right place! Nobody sells more homes in Northwest Indiana than Bart Vickrey & Co Real Estate!

The real estate market is tough right now for sellers.  But that doesn't mean you cannot sell your home.  Your home is a huge financial asset.  When it's time to sell, please do not leave it in the hands of a part-time or inexperienced agent!

Even if the agent you know has been in real estate for years... chances are he/she does not sell many homes.  The sad truth is that the average real estate agent only sells 5 homes per year.  The good news is Bart Vickrey and his team and fearless home selling ninja's average 200 home sales per year!  That's right!  For the same price you can hire a team of 9 real estate experts that averages 20x more home sales than the average real estate agent.

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