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Today, I'm going to go a bit off the topic of real estate and discuss how you can live until you're 100 years old! 



Four years ago I turned 40 years old and scheduled an appointment with a doctor since I hadn't been for awhile. We spent most of the time talking about business, government, and books we've read recently. We were going through the motions when he said, "Do you want to learn how to live be 100?" Of course, I said. 


My doctor wrote down the numbers 0, 5, 10, 15, and 25 on a piece of paper. I was very confused, but he explained these numbers are the key to living a longer life one day at a time:


  • 0 = Tobacco

  • 5 = Servings of fruits and vegetables daily

  • 10 = Minutes of peaceful thought alone

  • 15 = Minutes of rigorous exercise

  • 25 = A BMI Index of less than 25


I found this simple logic to be extremely interesting. It seems like a simple formula to live to old age, but it takes some discipline. Give it a try yourself and thank me when you're 100! 


Now, it's trivia time: What successful music duo from the `80s won a Grammy for a song they didn't write and had the reward revoked after they were found out in the `90s? 

Send your answer to me at for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Target, Wal Mart, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, or Family Express! 


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